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The Aegean

April 19, 2013

Sometimes is it good to get up early to watch the sun rise. This morning we enjoyed the clear light as it permeated the olive trees below us, covering them in a silvery shadow – a vision that only plays out at this time of the day! The sea was calm and the air was fresh, dogs lay basking on the beach before us as we walked by, sleeping off their night time activity no doubt.

I arrived in Izmir on Tuesday night and now I am in a little seaside town called Urkmez. I will be here for 3 weeks or so before I head to Van. As I am sitting here writing this, I am looking over at what used to be the ancient Ionian city of Lebedos. Lebedos was one of the 12 cities of the Ionian league (Ancestors of the Greeks) Teos, another city is not far away and Ephesus, the largest Ionian settlement is about one and a half hours down the road. But whereas Ephesus and Teos have had excavations take place up until the present day, Lebedos is completely untouched. There are a few structures visible, like walls and columns etc but the large proportion is still underground. So visiting it does make you feel like you are exploring the unexplored. I am just really grateful to have this view here today!




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